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02-04-2010, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by johnniewalker View Post
How do you know I'm over the cap with that unless you run the numbers?

Since you didn't, I'll do it for you:

Kunitz (3.725)Crosby (8.700)Benn (0.822)
FA (X.XXX)Staal (4.000)Malkin (8.700)
Cooke (1.600)FA (X.XXX)Kennedy (0.725)
Rupp (0.825)Talbot (1.050)Godard (0.750)

Gonchar (5.000)Orpik (3.750)
Eaton (2.500)Letang (3.250)
Lovejoy (0.500)FA (X.XXX)

Fleury (5.000)
Backup (0.525)


The players that we use as the 2nd line LW and 3rd line center could be determined in camp next season or acquired through free agency. Same with the 3rd pairing defenseman.

There would be $5 million to split between those three positions if you cut Eaton's salary to 2.5 since you don't think he'll get 3, though I suspect he easily could given what Scuderi got last year and what other free agent defensemen have gotten in recent years. All of this would most definitely be under the cap unless the cap drops, and there has been no indication so far that such would be the case.

You're going to get "hometown" discounts for Letang and Eaton if you re-sign them, whereas you'll overpay if you let them walk and try to get all of your defensemen through free agency. If you think my lineup is so bad, what would you do differently?
I'm not knocking you (well except the Nick Johnson part), in fact I was going to add that it's a difficult task trying to project the cap situation a season from now but I already clicked submit. Oh well, the point still stands.

You've got $56.422 million with 3 players to go so I think it would end up being a little bit over the cap. A seventh defenseman and thirteenth forward would be added to that number as well. I think the backup goalie estimate is a little low too, but we got Johnson for that amount so I can't argue with it.

It's just a little risky doing it this way to me, but we're splitting hairs a little bit. Fedotenko sucks but that doesn't mean he isn't more capable than Nick Johnson or someone like him. If Letestu doesn't pan out all of a sudden you're a two line team. I'd probably rather have the 3 centers split up like usual and try to get more value out of that 2nd LW spot, that's about it.

Also on a related note: I know we have to pinch pennies because of our big contracts, but Letang at $3+ million is ridiculous to me but I'm sure that's what he'll get.

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