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08-04-2003, 06:59 PM
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Name: Rob
Age: 25, and feeling old
Married? Nope
Fav Food? Not too picky, but a fan of chinese and Italian.
Fav Band? The Dreaming, Girl Nobody, Cocktail Revisionists, The-Radio, Tori Amos, Bjork, The B52s, Monster Magnet, Anything traditional celtic, not much I don't like, really...
Fav leaf moment: The look on Sergei Berezin's face when he finally scored a goal after a long, long drought.
Fav current Leaf: Belak, Roberts, Tucker, Kidd (I just like his style), Kabarle
Fav all time Leaf: Berezin (the last of the pure snipers; he was just plain fun to watch) Yuskevich, Markov, Thomas, Cujo (yeah, I came to hockey [comparatively] late in life, my "all-time" favs aren't exact that far removed from the current roster )

Come to the HF forums on recommendation from the Bruin contingent of the OTP forums, and am very much pleased by what I see around here. Amazing how hockey-savy and entertaining Leaf fans can be in the right setting, since our fans have such a bad reputation on those "shout out" type boards like TSN has and the old faceoff used to have... just goes to show, a few bad apples and all that...

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