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02-05-2010, 12:36 AM
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al set

Originally Posted by Telfo View Post
I am.

if Waddell can just not screw up this trade i think we will be just fine. Consider for a moment that our team is very competitive at a relatively low salary number. We have Kovy, Kozzy and White(hopefully) all coming off the books. that is about 13 million alone. we will have lots of space to take on good players without giving up much (:cough: Chicago) from teams that need to clear cap space.

If we can get Kubina re-signed, everyone else that may leave is easily replaceable imo.

Between now and the start of next season will be a very exciting time. and who knows, Kovy may come back on July 1.

I am ready for us to have a good TEAM, not just a star player or 2 combined with a bunch of spare parts like we have always had.
i posted why you guys are going to be a cup contender next year, under devil trade post you guys are doing better than ok, making a bunch of jealous trolls saying you messed up in the trade.

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