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01-16-2005, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor of MacAppolis
BUT.....and this is the major point here: I never once said anything about signing in Toronto. You might have realizsed this if you hadn't decided to act like a hostile *******! I never once said Philly wouldn't get him back. What I did say is isn't kind of risky, maybe even dumb not taking care of business before heading into a period of uncertainty? It was me who figured out that Carter would go into the draft again and not be a UFA (where the Leafs would have a 1/30 shot--never said they would get him to sign). It was then later determined after further discussion (at the Leafs board because nobody here was willing to explore the situation) that the longer the lockout goes, the bigger the cloud got on Carter's status. Again all everyone here wanted to do was behave like trolls. And like the poster here said, all the rules are thrown out because of no CBA, which is what governed the draft picks, which makes Carter and Richards' status even murkier. My whole point was as a Flyers' fan don't you wish that Clarke got business done instead of trying to cheat the kids out of a couple hundred thousand dollars, especially if this drags out over 1-2 more seasons and their status becomes even less certain? Nobody was willing to bother trying to have a reasonable conversation/discussion. Fact is, Clarke ****ed up big time. Clarke should have realized that this lockout was not going to be over by January. Clarke should have got business taken care of and Clarke could very well pay for his mistake because, I doubt there are too many teams out there that he can count on for support to get clauses built in to correct his mistake. OPther GMs realized this and acted accordingly.
First of all, I'll ask you not to curse me off, it doesn't really add anything to your point.

You do seem to be missing my main point though which is that Clarke did what the NHL wanted. Do you really think that Clarke was trying to cheat the guys out of a couple hundred thousand? Philly has one of the top 5 highest payrolls in the league, I doubt it. I also doubt that Bettman would just let prospects become UFA's or re-enter the draft. Bob McKenzie himself has said that he doesn't think something like that will happen and although he is a journalist, he is one of the most respected hockey journalists around. The Flyers did what the NHL wanted and there is no reason why the NHL won't give them a very good chance to sign all of their prospects.

EDIT: Thanks to flyerfreak941 and PitkanenPower for their kind comments. Also to PitkanenPower for bringing up that point about Carter that I forgot.

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