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09-24-2003, 11:57 PM
Castor Troy
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Originally Posted by PecaFan
But how do we know that? At this point in their careers, playing at exactly the same level competition, Umberger has achieved more. Maybe if Umberger had been signed and been at camp, we'd all be raving about him too.
Maybe we would, but he wasn't at camp, and therefore nobody's seen him. I'm having trouble understanding why he wasn't at camp, did the Canucks not invite him while he wasn't under contract? If he had been at camp (assuming he thinks he can wow people) then he'd have more leverage.

Originally Posted by PecaFan
It appears to be all about expectations, myself. Kesler won't score at the NHL level, but we don't *expect* him to ever do so, so therefore he's "ready". Umberger won't score at the NHL level either, but because we hope he will one day, therefore he's "not ready".
The difference here is that neither RJ's offensive game nor his defensive game seems to be at an NHL level yet, going on what has been said by Burke and Crawford (prior to negotiations and now).
Umberger: 0 for 2

Kesler on the other hand, apparently has his defensive game already at an NHL level, while his offensive game is not. While I don't expect as much offense from Kesler as from Umberger, from what I've read/heard/seen Kesler definitely has some offensive abilities and should be able to pot his share in the NHL.
Kesler: 1 for 2
(with his NHL-ready dimension being the more important to his projected role)

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