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02-05-2010, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
Luck is for gamblers. The Flyers didn't lose the flip of a coin, or a penalty shot, or one period of one game, or even an entire game, they lost a 7 game series......think about that 7 games.

The better team wins a 7 game series. The Penguins won, in 6 games, and sealed it out on the road in a game that they were down 3 goals in. If you don't think they were the better team you're kidding yourself.

A coach that didn't know how to protect leads, nice. Stevens was bad, but I'm not about to lay all the blame at his feet for blowing a three goal lead. That's on everybody. I wonder what you had to say about Stevens back when he was a Flyer.

Game 2? You mean the game where Fleury used his go-go-gadget leg to absolutely stone Carter in the final minutes to get the game to overtime? But Fleury doesn't matter right?

Bad calls happen. They are part of the game. Stanley Cup winners kill off penalties from bad calls. I'm not gonna blast them for it, but the Flyers didn't kill that one. Whatever, everyone can't be a Stanley Cup caliber team.

Did Fleury not matter when he gave his entire team the night off for game four and walked out of the Wach with a win anyway (stopping 44 of 45 shots against)? Did he not matter on the aforementioned telescopic leg save that eventually led to a 2-0 series lead?

We should take up a collection to get you a plexiglass stomach so you can see whats obvious to everyone else, because you're certainly not willing to pull your head out of your ass.

Well you certainly said a lot there didn't you. That's a Maddenism if ever I've seen one ("If they score more points, they'll win the game!").


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