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01-17-2005, 12:57 AM
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This is what happens when you're stupid enough to listen to hype. (Parise-Pouliot)

Here's something interesting. Everyone gets pissed at the Oilers for not drafting Parise and such. Here's a similar incident. The Ottawa Sens drafted Marian Hossa over Zultek and apparently got screwed. Here's the article:

Sens-ible pick? Zultek


Marian Hossa.
Never met the guy; never seen him play.
He was the Senators' first pick, 12th overall in the NHL draft yesterday. Nothing against Mr. Hossa, but hearing his name when it came the Senators' turn to pick was a big disappointment.
To put it bluntly, the Senators blew it yesterday.
The name the Senators should have announced was that of Ottawa 67's winger Matt Zultek.
The Senators need size and scoring up front, two commodities Zultek, who's 6-foot-4 and 218 lbs. (and still growing), has in spades. Maybe he doesn't play as tough as his size might indicate, but he can handle the pushing and shoving.
He's also skilled as witnessed by his 27 goals as a rookie with the 67's last season and his win in the agility portion of the skills competition at the Canadian Hockey League's all-star game.
Since he's coached by Brian Kilrea, you know Zultek is going to come away from his junior career with a good knowledge of how to play a two-way game and what it takes to be a good national leaguer.
Hossa? He apparently has a great offensive flair. But the knock on the smallish (6-foot, 185-lb.) Slovak is he is a completely one-dimensional player, who, one scout told The Hockey News, threw snow on numerous occasions to avoid getting hit.
The Senators blew a chance to pick up a good kid playing right in their own backyard. Zultek already has built-in fans right here in Ottawa and for a team struggling to sell tickets, why not take advantage of that?
That should not be the main reason for taking Zultek, of course. You must take the player you think is going to be the best pro, regardless of where he's from.
That's why the Senators' bypassing of Zultek hurts. The Hockey News and a number of teams rated Zultek ahead of Hossa.
Kilrea has had a little success. One of his little rules to live by at the OHL draft was whenever he was faced with a decision between two evenly matched players, and one of them was from Ottawa or The Valley, he always took the Ottawa kid.
He felt the player would always be motivated, wanting to impress friends and family at the games.
Zultek has impressed some people and made some friends here in Ottawa. Too bad none of them are with the Senators.

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