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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
The more I look at Oduya, the more skeptical I am. Pavel Kubina has been a horse for that team, but he's a UFA after the year and with Oduya's contract, they now have Oduya at 3.5, Hainsey at 4.5, Enstrom at 3.75, and Bogosian at 3.375, so signing Kubina just became impossible and he's been their 2nd best d-man this year.

I see Oduya as almost a net-negative for ATL in this deal.
It's no guarentee that Atlanta would have been able to sign Kubina regardless. Plus he is turning 33, so I'm not sure if he's the kind of guy they felt safe in offering a 3+ year deal. Obviously Kubina is still effective, a lot of us (myself included) had Kubina on the radar as a potential rental before all of this went down. Oduya's got a couple good years left and they could reallocate Kubina's money towards supplementing their offense next season.

Then you have Bergfors who spent 3 years in the AHL before cracking the NHL, had a hot start, and doesn't have a goal since December 30. Doesn't have a point since Jan. 5. Not thrilled about that piece if I'm an ATL fan.
To be fair, Bergfors took a weird route. Not a lot of 18 year olds go directly to the AHL. Tedenby spent a couple more years in the SEL after being drafted and he'll probably do a year in the AHL before cracking the NHL roster, at which point he'll be almost the same age as Bergfors was this season.

If you're an Atlanta fan, I don't think there's a lot of ways to be thrilled about trading Kovalchuk. At least looking forward, they have Afinogenov and Armstrong as impending UFAs. Bergfors certainly helps fill a hole if either/both leave.

Then you have Cormier who is a thug with a terrible disciplinary record.
It's been a weird six weeks for Cormier. Before the first elbowing incident, he was just a nasty Holik-esque 3rd line prospect that we were all excited about. Now the elbowing incidents put him in the spotlight when we heard nothing but good things before.

You would hope that Cormier's gotten the wakeup call by now that those sort of shenanighans won't be accepted. I believe Waddell's already alluded to them expecting Cormier competing for an NHL spot next season. Atlanta's prospect center depth wasn't great either.

Then the 1st which will probably be 27-28 or even 30th and that's at least diluted by the fact that ATL is trading down 20-25 spots in the 2nd round.

He did not get back a single decent asset outside of the 1st.
Yeah, the swapping of 2nds was definitely strange on their part.

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