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01-17-2005, 06:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
But blaming Goodenow's interesting since it has been the owners who can't control themselves.
I'm not blaming anyone, Fletch. My post is critiquing someone who's laying everything at the door of one side of this issue.

Say what you want about the owners, but the PA didn't sit by passively and watch owners spend. This is the same association that criticized Chelios for taking less to play where he wanted. It's the same association that's constantly pressured its members to drive salaries up. Bob Goodenow never considered the health of the league when he was telling players to demand more. NOW he acknowledges that changes need to be made, but he was no more forward-thinking than Bettman when the members of his association were profiting from the owners' spending.

Personally it's all business from my perspective. I respect the owners' right to make as much as they can and the players'. Each side SHOULD fight for the max. Let the better side win and claim the spoils of war.

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