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Originally Posted by Chili
I remember game 7, 1971. The old Chicago Stadium. If not the best, certainly one of the best hockey atmospheres, with the organ and the way crowd were into games (I miss that old barn).

Henri had a great game in the lion's den when it meant the most.

Of course hockey is a team game and I seem to remember Henri saying he was in the right place at the right time but my memories of him are that of a great player, not Maurice's little brother.
It's funny, but he was never my favorite, neither was Beliveau, I always like the 3rd line guys like Ferguson or Jim Roberts or the d men like Terry Harper that made you wonder how they got there in the first place. Something about those guys always made them my favorites. I know that you can over romanticize players that you saw when you were a kid, players that you remember from when you were a little less cynical. I'm well aware that every generation improves from the rest and that just physical evolution would keep most of these guys from the league. When you can look back with a little perspective, certain things stand out in a player. Being brought up in Mtl., your team meant something to you. I always thought that the CH stood for pride and determination and persevering no matter what the odds. I'm sure Leaf fans can roll out their own stories as I'm sure every fan who has seen their team succeed can do the same. Henri Richard always stood out for me because looking back, he wore those qualities on his sleeve, every night. No one wore the CH or the C on the sweater with more pride. After all this rambling though, I fully understand that John the flyers fan can edit this and insert Clarke wherever I have rRchard and not be wrong. Same with a lot of guys. I understand what Linden has meant and still means to Canuck fans. That's a big part of the fun of being a fan, looking back at guys and appreciating that watching them brought you some fun.

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