Thread: Post-Game Talk: Blocking Shots: OK Tactic, Bad Strategy
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02-05-2010, 05:40 PM
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Blocking Shots: OK Tactic, Bad Strategy

I'm really tired of the "block-a-shot" strategy the Rangers deploy in just about every defensive situation.

I understand the tactic can be useful at times, and that it's somewhat easier to do in the modern era because of the development of new materials used in pads and equipment.

But I think falling back on this as a defensive strategy is creating bad habits and facilitating "lazy" hockey where we become flat-footed in our own zone, and fail to take the physical initiative to neutralize opposing forwards and gain control of the puck in a way that allows us to break out, instead of just clear the zone.

I don't know if other teams do this as often as we do, but I know I have seen enough of this to know I don't like it. To block a shot from time to time opportunistically is one thing, but this constant collapsing back is a big fail.

It screens our goal-tender, and creates as many weird deflections as it does blocked shots.

Can we please shelve this idea and take the body? We don't need all these guys playing goalie. We just need to knock some forwards on their a$$ and let Henrik take care of making saves.

It's dumb. I don't like it.

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