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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
I disagree 100%. Here is why.

Most beer leaguers are not in 100% cardio shape. Dumping the puck is a way to chase after a free puck that you probably will not get, then the rest of your shift you will be useless. In my mind, at this level, it is all about puck possession. If you have the puck, do not give it up. Dumping=turnover when you have no legs.

-On a transition zone rush, the guy with the puck crosses the blue THEN makes his play/pass. Avoids offsides from bad communication with guys you may have never played with before.

-Defensemen, STOP wrapping the puck blindly around the boards in the defensive end. This is the weakest of all breakouts. Lift your head and look. There are better outlet passes.

-Forwards, give the defensemen passing options. Do not stay behind a checker, move to free ice.

-Play hard, be involved, always be in a position to receive the puck or fight for it when it is near.

-when the whistle blows, the play and the emotions are dead. No cheapshotting. Play hard when the puck is in play, not after the whistle.

-play with guys you like. Have fun. Enjoy the brotherhood.
One more thing I should have added that happens in 99% of beer league games. Skate hard and get off the ice. Shifts shouldn't be 2 mins long. The bold above is a product of that. Players aren't in shape because they skate at 50% so they can stay out longer. You will never get in shape skating 50%. The reason I say dump the puck in is because most C/D level teams can't complete more than 1 or 2 passes in a row. It was directed more toward them. If you are so out of shape that you can't or don't want to skate hard from the red line to the goal line, then get off the ice. If you push yourself on the ice magically you will get in better shape. Most lower level players can't skate full speed while carrying the puck. I promise you that if you dump the puck in and skate as hard as you can you will get it 80% of the time. Because you will be skating past someone who is skating 50% so they can stay out longer.

The rest of Joe Cole's points are great at all levels.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Mr. Cole, if my team did those things you said, we would win every game. Great post.

Jarick makes a good point with one word.....IF. He says if all teams could do all that they would win. That is true, but the truth is they can't. If you do nothing but skate as hard as you can your game will improve greatly. Lead by example and the rest of your team will follow. Don't experiment or practice during a game. Find time to go to drop ins or stick times to practice your skills at a slow pace. Then in the game when you skate hard you will have the skills needed to up your game.

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