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01-17-2005, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666
Why is it that Football seems to gain a larger fan base annually?

Pretty much universal answer?

Because every year the team that they root for has as legit shot at winning the Superbowl as the team that just won the darn thing.
Here is a different question. Was the NFL the most popular league prior to the cap? The answer is yes. Parity has absolutely nothing to do with why football is so popular. There are just as many fans that are unhappy with enforced parity as there are those that are ecstatic about it. If the NFL had no cap in this day and age, they would still be in a different stratosphere as far as fan following are concerned. Or do you truly believe that the NBA would be more popular?

"The age of when Dynasties were the rage are over, no one wants to see 1 team dominate for any extended period of time, unless you are a fan of that team that dominates."

On that you could not be more wrong. As I said, when you expand your population field, you will find that there are many fans that are pining for the days of "dynasties". Just as many fans hate enforced parity as there are those that like it.

"Bottom line is that every fan wants that if they are going to invest any emotional attachment to a team, they want to be sure that that team has as good a shot at winning as any other team in the league. The salary cap in football has developed that. "

And yet all of these NFL stadiums sell out wether or not the respecive team is in the playoffs or not. And if not sell-outs, then darn close. I love my Redskins. They have not sniffed the playoffs in 8 years. Ever been to the FedEx Field? Don't tell me that all of these fans turn out because we think that the 'Skins are play-off bound. Religiously, we turn on and watch the games on Sunday, regardless of who is playing. Want an example? 2 years ago amongst the worst teams in football were my 'Skins and the Cowboys. They played a meaningless Monday night game when both teams were already out of the playoffs and playing for absolutely nothing. There was a baseball playoff game going on at the same time. A meaningless football game absolutely destroyed the meaningfull baseball game in the ratings. Think of that. The meaningless regular season football game quadrupled the ratings of a baseball playoff game.
Botton line is that the NFL will be popular no matter what. Parity or no parity.

"I can't see how that can be viewed as anything but unfair."

And I cannot see how funding a team like the Carolina Hurricanes can be viewed as anything but unfair. They play in a market that could care less about hockey. They never even sell out half of their building. Why does this team deserve a penny?

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