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01-17-2005, 12:25 PM
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instead of jabbing your stick behind the knee, bend your own knee and pivot your leg around so it makes contact somewhere between the knee and butt. it gives you some leverage and as long as your not kicking his leg out, its not a slewfoot. i try to do it higher up so its not too dirty and you can do it harder then. i dont mean sweep the leg. just get him off balance while posting up.

a trick i use when im the forward in front of the net is this. i try to get alongside the dman shoving me. i take one hand off my stick, whichever hand thats on the side he is on, and put it through the loop between his arm (which is on his stick) and his body, and back on my stick. if you do it quick the ref thinks you guys are just tugging a little. once you are entwined just hold your stick normal and play. when he freaks out and starts yanking, it looks like he's holding you. if you just want the call, fall down if he yanks hard enough. i just do it to cause havoc in front of the net. its a good way to keep him tied up while another teamate of mine swoops in and gets the rebound at my feet while me and the d are struggling.

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