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01-17-2005, 12:35 PM
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someone talked about using the small of the back as leverage to move guys out of the crease. it helps not getting the cross check call (im a ref) if you keep your hands close together on the stick. if your going to hit a guy in the small of the back, keep your hands right next to each other, and shove hard instead of hitting. im 6'4", and i hate getting hit there, but if you do it like i described - i usually dont call it. it depends how violent you make it look. thats part of the key to all this stuff. as a ref, i know which guys are pissed and which ones arent. if you play angry and violent, i watch the little things you do more. if you pick your spots, and arent always the definitely get away with more because sometimes the ref cant tell what your intentions were...which is extremely important in reffing rec hockey. bodies are usually flying all over the place, i have to figure out who is doing what on purpose. in these situations i often really on everything from facial expressions, to how your skating changes when youre pissed...etc.
the calm guys who never seem to get pissed always get away with a little more.

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