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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I've never had an issue recieving a pass no matter what I was using. I actually do not even remember a difference between a composite and wood when I switched from wood to composites a year ago.

Interesting that many people have such a hard time with a basic skill because of their stick.


I would also venture to say that it isn't the stick causing the problems. It may be an issue with someone being not as skilled perhaps?

Not picking on anyone, I am just legitimately curious because I did not even notice any difference at all and I am not a gifted fancy stickhandler. I'm a decent stickhandler I mean, I look like I know what I am doing in other words but it isn't my strong suit. I am a very excellent passer however and do handle the puck well. I play defense and passing is a priority as well as receiving a pass that is often a very hard pass.

I find these forums interesting for this stuff we discuss.
I'd say Mario Lemieux is more talented than you or anyone you know... and he specifically stated he didn't like composite sticks because taking passes was difficult with them. I used wood for 20 years and noticed the "ping" feeling of a composite right away.

Almost everyone I know, many who are elite players, have said the same thing.

There is a big difference between the feel of wood and a composite, very few people would argue that. I've even had people fire passes at me while standing still, and let the puck hit my stick without cupping it, just to see how far it will bounce... and there is a huge difference in the way a puck "pings" off a composite as compared to wood.

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