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02-06-2010, 09:45 AM
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I wish everyone would go in and turn the chairs around 180 degrees.

Question 1:
"Don, we've lost the "face of the franchise" three times when Heatley, Hossa, and Kovy left. Your "can't lose" goaltender Kari was damaged goods, as was your first ever draft pick, Patrick Stefan. Now, the fans are left with one "face" and that's you. This franchise is 10 years stale, marketing sucks, fans won't even show up when you give tickets away; you are the one constant. Why don't the owners care enough to fire you?"

Question 2:
Don, how can you complain about a low budget when teams with the same budget limits-- Buffalo and Nashville-- are able to provide fans with exciting competitive teams year after year? Doesn't that point directly to player selection and coaching?

Question 3:
Can we please talk to Rick Dudley instead of you?

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