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09-25-2003, 03:43 AM
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Originally Posted by TKLOOCH22
This is a very good thing if Sather holds true to it. There goes Anson's hair. There goes Czech and Russian language on the bench.

To wit: for the first time in memory, a dress code of coats and ties. To wit: a requirement of neatly groomed hair. To wit: the prohibition of cell phone use on the team bus. To wit: English-only to be spoken on the ice, bench and in the locker room.

"I always had a lot of these rules in Edmonton but when I came over here, we had a lot of veterans on the team and I didn't want to rock the boat," Glen Sather said before last night's 3-2 exhibition loss to the Blue Jackets. "Now I'm rocking the boat."

The New York Rangers were having a party when they could do anything they wanted to. Now, the guys have gotta learn to be a little more professional. Its not an on ice move, but a good move nonetheless.

Im surprised Sather did not say, shave all of your hair to look like our captain, that would have been funny if he said that..