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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
If he was so good though, wouldnt we pay it to keep him? Homer must of though that this KHL goalie was as good as him if he decided not to resign Biron.
Are you just asking these questions to be contrary, or do you really not understand the Flyers' history with goaltenders (or salary cap woes, for that matter)?

1) Biron was asking for too much. He is a good starting goaltender; not a great one, nothing tremendous, but solid. Serviceable. Just fine and dandy, with the ability to get hot in the playoffs...IE, exactly what a team with our firepower and defense needs. However, he priced himself out of our range because our salary cap situation is a mess, and Holmgren simply couldn't have afforded him at the price he was asking. And yes, Biron (or his agent) tried to overvalue him a bit.

2) This team's management firmly believes that the goaltender is the least important position on the ice, and if given the option between signing a proven starter for a big contract or picking up an unknown who they think might be good enough while saving them cap space to improve other positions on the team, they're not going to sign the proven goaltender. Which is beyond me, because how many times has this franchise won a Cup without an elite netminder? Oh, right...

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