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02-06-2010, 03:29 PM
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I would like to get rid of cap and stay under the cap for awhile.

I know you can not ice a team of rookies, but I also dont want vet's either. This team is not constructed correctly. Adding a piece here or a piece there really wont do much for us.

We have a solid goaltender (which can be rough at times but I will save this arguement for another day), a good young defensive corps with gilroy, staal, Michael Del Zotto, and a few guys in Hartford which are showing they can play.

We have good young players who can score (a few of them) with Gaborik, Grachev, MAYBE Stepan ect ect. but some of these kids arent ready to make it here yet.

I believe in having Gaborik here. Lundy here, the young kids on defense. But I also think we need to get HIGH draft picks that can make immediate impact on the NHL level. Once you have that going for you, then you sign vet's such as Paul Martin.

We need to stop trying to hang on to mediocricy at all costs. If we are a bad team, so be it. I dont think the fans mind so much as long as you are rewarded with a good young draft pick that can come in to training camp and make the team immediately.

When we get picks at 14 15 18 20 and so on so forth, those kids might be good players but we have to wait a few years for them to develop before they make the big club. This in turn makes us sign "vet" players for a stop gap. Which in return keeps getting us the 14 15 18 20 ect ect picks.

We need to own up to what we are. A garbage team with some really bright spots. They need young teamates that are very talented. I.E. Washington. LA, Chicago, Vancouver. ect ect.

Those teams were very bad for a long time but stockpiled great young high draft picks and now it is all being turned around with the mindset of a long future. Not a one or two year signing of a player hoping his legacy can spark some magic for a quick moment. We need to have a bright future. We need to have a bright present. We need to stop kidding ourselves. We need to own up to what we are and move forward.

But with Glenn Sather here. I guess that will not happen. I was happy when we first signed Sather way back when because his beliefs were that spending a ton of money should not be done and win with a smaller pricetag'ed club. The big Apple got to him and he spends to the ceiling every year.

I just wish the Rangers would get it already. Having the highest pricetag doesnt mean you will have the highest season. I.E. Every year since 1997

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