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02-06-2010, 06:18 PM
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I recently experienced a similar ankle injury about 4 weeks ago while playing hockey, but at the time it happened, I couldn't put any weight or pressure on my ankle. My experiences with pain and the location of the swelling seem identical as well.

I went to the doctor and he determined it was a sprained ankle without an MRI. He said it was a sprained ankle because of the areas of pain. If your bones do not hurt on contact then it is probable that your bones are not broken.

Another thing to note is there are different degrees of sprains, mine was a level 2, level 1 being the least damage. I couldn't imagine anything higher because level 2 was excrutiating pain.

Oh and I haven't been able to skate since and the pain is still here, albeit a lot lighter, so I'd prepare for a long time off skates...

But, that's just my experience so a visit to a doctor wouldn't hurt, they don't always have to run tests to see what's wrong.

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