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Originally Posted by Dead Milkman View Post
First off, you're actually talking to a Psychologist, so that little statement you said about the brain and objective memory? Need to see some actual, you know, real research about that. From all my schooling I've never heard that. In fact, the brain is able to process objective information much more efficiently than subjective information. I can ask some of my Neuroscience professors about that if you want, though.
Evaluating "qualitative performance" of a goalie detached from statistics is the HEIGHT of subjective information. So, by objective memory, I mean watching something and having an actual objective memory of what you saw...which is why eye witness accounts tend to be contradictory and highly suspect.

So, go ahead and ask 'em...I'm a history PhD student, and well versed in how awful humans are at having accurate, objective memories of things they've witnessed. Which is one of the primary problems with oral histories...such as the narrative of Biron's season last year..

Editorial note: this aspect of how we think about sports is why people believe in patently untrue stuff like the concept of "clutch" players...but that's a whole other discussion that I've had with people numerous times on these boards.

Originally Posted by Dead Milkman View Post
I just really like how you isolate Biron's performance from the rest of the team's defensive performance. The Flyers last season were actually a very good defensive team, capable of shutting other teams down and actually agitating top lines. This season's team does not have that ability.
No, they were not a good defensive team. It was one of the primary failings of John Stevens as a coach...which didn't begin to improve until this season. We had extremely bad puck control, spent too much time in our own zone, and gave up absurd shot totals with great frequency. Holding on for dear life is not playing "good defense." It's holding on for dear life.

One of the primary benefits of Lavy, in my view, is that he's actually gotten this club playing a real defensive system (the left-wing lock) with consistency. They still have problems in the defensive zone, which I hope they iron out over the break.

What I would really like for you to do is actually tell me, aside from stats, how Biron is a good goaltender. More specifically, I'd like to know what makes him a starter, because the only starting job he was ever given was in Philadelphia. Maybe, just maybe, there's a reason.
Well, actually, that's not true as he was a very solid starter in Buffalo before a younger, better goalie in Ryan Miller took his job. Before that he was part of the mess of young goalies behind Hasek... So, yes, there was a reason, Buffalo has had some very very good starting goalies (including Roloson, who is now on the Islanders with Biron).

What makes Biron a good goaltender? He's extremely sound technically (most of the time). His problem is that he has athletic failings compared to his better compatriots, and similar to other goalies that rely on technique as much as he does, when he gets out of sorts the wheels come off with a quickness.

This is in contrast to someone like Emery who is an extremely good athlete by comparison, but lacks the technique that Biron has...a lot like you see with Thomas in Boston as of right now. When they're feeling it they can be very good, but when they're not...they don't have the technical game to fall back on.

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