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Originally Posted by Dead Milkman View Post
I understand and appreciate that insight, but that's from a historical perspective. There's a big difference between cognitive capabilities and cognitive functioning. Basically, there's too many confounding variables in assessing the accuracy of eye witness reports that you can't make a general statement about "the human brain" from varied history reports. Not to mention that the amount of people who actually give eye witness reports is such a small sample size that there's absolutely no way you can deduce the cognitive capabilities of a whole species based on qualitative knowledge gained from a select few.

But I will ask them, honestly. In my Cognitive Neuroscience class we've just finished up basic anatomy but we're more than likely starting to delve into the frontal lobes over the next week.
This isn't really about cognitive capabilities, it's the reality of what happens when you look at applied narrative memory. People have been leaving us eye witness reports as long as there has been a written record. It's a well known problem with lawyers. A friend of mine was in a criminal law class in Law School and, unannounced to the class, the professor had arranged a staged crime to take place in front of the entire room (someone entered the classroom and stole the bag of a girl in the front). The students then wrote a report on what they had witnessed...what do you find when you do this stuff? People are terrible eye witnesses.

This is even more complicated the further you get away from an event. For example, my adviser is about to publish a book about WWII that has numerous oral histories involved in it. After doing the interview and beginning to cross-reference the stories these guys were telling with objective facts (like, where the guy was), he discovered that most of these guys were telling him a story that they simply had no way of knowing. What does he think happened? The commanding officer had published his own account of the battle and these various guys had read that account and taken on elements of what he knew as part of their own experience.

But back on topic, you really can't separate Biron's save percentage and goals against average from the rest of the Flyers' performance.
Well, you can and you can't. SVPCT is about the only statistic a goalie "controls". GAA is largely derived from team defense (I'm not separating that from team performance at all). There are certainly some factors that a team can do to help out SVPCT, but you're not going to swing that stat a ton.

SVPCT == Bating Average


Biron isn't having a good season at all.
Not uncommon for guys that get used to starting when they go to more of a backup role. He was doing pretty well with the Islanders until he stopped getting the same consistency in his starts.

Originally Posted by CannonMTG View Post
No interest in Biron. If Emery is really hurt I wouldn't be opposed to Halak if the price is right. That, however, is a big if. I'm not convinced this is the year.
Halak is basically starting for Montreal now...I think that ship has sailed.

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