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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
wow....i remember going to my dads beer league games a kid and they were pretty rough.

There are full contact leagues out there (obviously not for you, just saying that in general)
Okay I'll fill you in on a little of my background...

I come from a hockey family. Although my dad chose education over hockey, two of my uncles played pro. One had stints with the Hawks and Blues, the other was a career minor-leaguer who went on to become coach of the year in the old expansion WHA. He also played a lot agaist Don Cherry and is mentioned in his recent book.

Although my dad was the oldest of all the brothers, I was the youngest boy born to any of them. My parents had me at a late age. All my cousins (I have no brothers) failed to get past junior and the last hopes of my extended family to have one of the kids make pro were riding on me. To attempt to make a long story short, the pressure got to me. When I also failed to go pro I was devestated and felt like I let the entire family down. I had little parental guidance when I was a kid and I fell into some drug and alcohol abuse. I tried playing beer-league, but as I already stated, it just wasn't for me and I gave up hockey altogether. I stopped even watching it on TV for many years. It was that hard for me to face that I never made pro. From the time I was born I was groomed to be a pro hockey player and when it didn't materialize I kind of got lost. I drank, did drugs, and knocked around menial jobs for a long time until I found commercial diving.

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