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09-25-2003, 05:30 AM
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#1. Jared may have made the Kings out of Camp, but mostlikely was going to go back to Manchester and be a call up. Now I think Jared will not be called up this year, as he will get back with only 1/2 a season left and will need to get conditioned which will take a couple of weeks. He will remain in Manchester. As for his career, I don't think it will have a major impact. Players have come back from this injury many times and have not had set backs.

#2. The player I hope has a break-out season is LUBO. He had a great rookie campaign, but then got Home-sick, ran home to get married over the All-Star break, also had injuries. He will get lots of PP time this year and he should surpass his rookie numbers and beyond.

#3. Pirnes & Strbak will have an impact on this season. Pirnes has great hands and can play on all 4 lines if needed. Strbak, will only get better as he gets acustomed to the North American game. Paired with Lubo mostlikely.

#4. With both in the line up and Healthy the Kings are not just playoff bound, but could do some serious damage. With just 1 of the 2 the Kings could still get in and get to the 2nd round. I even think with both out the Kings could manage to get into the playoffs. Last year we needed 7 more wins (14 points) to get in, How many 1 goal or 1 goal + an empty net goal losses did we have? 20!!! How many of theose 1 goal losess game on soft goals? With the goaltending we had last year vs. what we have this year, I would expect the 1 goal losses to but cut down by half. Thats a 20 point difference and good enought to get the 6th seed last year.
We have more depth up front this year and a much better goalie in place. I don't think the playoffs are out of the question, but the question is how far can we go?

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