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02-07-2010, 12:12 AM
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For doctors who are family physicians they are not experieinced in tendon and muscle traumas. They can tell you did something but tell you to see an Orthopedic specialist.

What concerns me about your injury OP is that you had the POP you felt or heard.

Those are NEVER good and it means you have definitely injured something with a tear of some sort. Either your Achilles tendon or something else you need for stability. The ankles have a lot of support elements to it that consist of ligaments and tendons.

I tore my bicep tendon in June and it made the infamous POP we as players do not want to hear or feel. I knew immediately it was a severe injury because I did not feel pain right away just like when I tore a hamstring 20 years ago doing a sweep chack and catching a rut with my skate.

See an orthpedic doctor guy.

The unfortunate thing about injuries that are tears is that you have a short window to get surgery on it if you need it before it starts to heal. You could still have surgery after it is healing but the best results are immediately after the injury.

I opted for no surgery because I could physically tell it was a partial tear and not a complete one. The doctor told me chances are it would heal fine and I would lose 25% of the strength of my bicep which is exactly what happened. he said because I was 41 and not playing hockey to get a career out of it that I could just leave it like that and the other muscles would pick up the slack and would not hamper everyday life. he explained it was the distal muscle that was affected and the muscle is used for doing things like using a screwdriver more than anything.

I am right as rain right now and it is strong again.

Basically though don't screw around with your ankle or legs, be sure to get it checked out properly.

Money was a big issue with me and no insurance but I was fortunate in my case. I hope you are fortunate as well, good luck and good healing my friend. if you have doctors available at your school for this stuff or insurance then see a doctor .... you would be extremely foolish not to.

Injuries are a part of hockey that really sucks and unfortunately NOBODY can play hockey for a long length of time without getting something serious at some point.

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