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02-07-2010, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by SouthpawTRK View Post
The actual lie of the blade will never change, but if you cut the stick shorter it will lie different in the ready/playing position. How the player holds their stick will also affect how the blade lies on the ice in the ready/playing position.
This is correct. To elaborate a lie of 5 is equal to a 135 angle and goes down 2 every whole number. Example: 6=133. In other words, a high lie makes the stick angle more like a square, and a low lie looks more like a boomerang. In your case, since your tape is wearing on the heel you should go back to a lower lie. I'm guessing when you skate you have a lower stance and/or like to keep your stick out in front.

Imo, cutting the stick isn't the answer. That will just mess you up even more and you will find yourself compensating by using an uncomfortable hand position.

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