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02-07-2010, 01:22 AM
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The "make your glossy shaft sticky" thread

Okay Wednesday night I broke my favorite blade for my Harrow shaft (used the same blade since April of last year I might add), it is a tapered shaft. My backup harrow shaft has a blade pattern I don't like in it. So with both fave sticks out of comission for a few days until I buy two new tapered blades I DO like I used my two cheap backup standard taper Bauer One55 shafts today.

The trouble was my Harrows have a rubber type finish and an awesome grip from it I like. The cheap One55 bauer shafts do not, they are shiny and glossy.

I did not want to spray something sticky on them to make them tacky or do the candy cane tape job as then the shaft feels too thick. I taped my shafts for my aluminums for years but those were thinner shafts.

I had a brainstorm ... I used a cold hot glue stick. I just rubbed the butt end of the glue stick (again the glue is cold and not hot!) and it left a nice coating of sticky silicon glue and made for a perfect grip. A grip not too sticky and sticky enough as to not be glossy.

After using it for 3 hours today I had no residue stuck to the palm of the glove so it stayed on the stick nicely. The glue on the shaft is somewhat not seen by other people if you care baout that stuff. it did get some dirty discolor a little bit though.

This may not be for everyone but it sure worked nicely for me today. I am also going to do the same thing on the grip of my baseball bats though when it is hot out it may get to sticky from the heat but for hockey it was perfect.

Well anyway ....

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