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02-07-2010, 01:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Kovalchkin71 View Post
SUNY Cortland

All this talk about the significance of the "pop" has me more worried than before. I've heard "cracks" and "pops" in the past that have amounted to absolutely nothing so I figured as much was the case with this incident but considering how much this hurts after the fact and how much trouble I'm having just getting around I'm thinking I've done more than just sprain an ankle. I won't deny, I've often thought injuries I've had were worse than they turned out to be and made more of them than I should have (as I mentioned before, I've never even broken a bone), but this is really quite painful. My foot quite literally folded underneath me and unfortunately my full weight came down on top of me. I won't be surprised if I've finally suffered my first serious injury.
Things pop when they tear or break badly. A strain is a muscle that is oversretched and injured. A sprain is something torn. A sprained ankle can be a torn thingamahoozie like a ruptured Achilles tendon or ankle ligaments that will need surgical repair because they will not heal on their own. it depends on the severity of the in jury.

But be aware a sprain is a tear and a strain is a stretched muscle or ligament. Many people with bad sprains need surgery to repair what was torn. basically you cannot say you did worse than a sprain when a sprain is the worst injury meaning you did rip something. I would imagine if you completely tore away a ligament you may be feeling that sticking out on the wide of your ankle and mistaking it for a tendon as you mentioned earlier.

Tendons by the way bleed when torn and you can see blood as purple bruising under the skin. This picture shows my fore arm where there is no injury, the purple is blood from my bicep tendon that tore and gravity did what it does. it bled into my fore arm. The same thing happened with my torn hamstring, i had a solid purple stripe from my ankle to my tear.

Do you see anything like that on or around your ankle?? If so you tore something muscular or a tendon. This is not a guarantee that you did not tear a tendon if you do not see blood okay. GO SEE A DOCTOR.

The bottom line is you know you injured it badly when you can't do normal movements without being in serious pain.

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