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01-18-2005, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by ClarkeMustGoDotCom
It doesnt look like Buckley is going to get suspended. The league annouced several other suspensions but failed to mention Buckley, maybe the tape is still being looked at. Could make for some dicey situations on Wed. night.
A couple of thoughts...

If the Monarchs sent the tape via USPS it would have been sent Saturday at the earliest. There is no mail delivery on Sunday and there was none yesterday (Holiday). It's possible that the tape only gets there today.

The three suspensions the AHL announced yesterday are more "text-book" in Nature..

Svitov- Abuse of official - 5-games (typically from written report)
Ehrhoff-Match Penalty - 1-game (automatic w/o additional report)
Hedlund - Actions in a game - 3-games (Probably did a tape review on this one because the game was on the 12th and the suspension was announced on the 17th) note: Hedlund will miss Bingo's game against Manchester this weekend...

Buckly's hit resulted in the injury of the #2 (by 3-pts.) scorer in the League. The League has many things to look at here.

IMO, the following will likely be considered:

First they need to determine if the hit was "legal" or not. If they determine the hit was not legal, then I think they need to move to do they support the clipping penalty? I think they need to make a determination on the clipping because, IMO, there are some penalties that somewhat imply an intent to injure. Clipping and kneeing are two that I feel fall into the implied intent category. Now, if they determine that the hit was illegal and clipping, they may want to look at the game in it's entirety to get a feel for Buckley's "mind set" if you will.

IMO, If they look at the game in it's entirety to get a feel for Buckly's "mind set" it might not bode well for him. At 2:45 into the game, Smyth scored. After the goal, Buckley came in and nailed Clarke from behind with a cross-check across his back and laid him out. Smyth and Grebs had the be restrained by the linesmen. Later In the period, Buckley nailed Cammalleri in the face with a cross-check, no call. In the second period, much of the same stick work. At the start of the third, he put a cheap hit on Giuliano. This is what finally prompted Kanko to go at him. Kanko hit him good more than a few times during this exchange. Just 54-seconds after getting out of the box from the Kanko fight, Buckley nails Lehoux. Not a very good time-line. Less than a minute out of the box after getting beat by a smaller guy in a fight he takes-out the top scorer...

If the AHL doesn't sanction Buckley, he knows how it works.

I won't be surprised in the least if the President of the AHL, Dave Andrews, is at the game to personally present Cammalleri with his trophy for player of the week...

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