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02-07-2010, 04:33 AM
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Check out my website, I am posting hockey tips all the time. As for skating it comes with a lot of practice, it may be tough to get the proper technique down. Your muscles need to perform a task about 10 000 times before it becomes automatic.

For skating try to remember to bend your knees, lean forward, and skate with your blades at a 45 degree angle (don't run on the ice) with your feet at 45 degree angle you can dig the blades into the ice and get power. Extend your legs fully, and push off with each stride.

when you get better you should be able to get to full speed with 3 strides.

Once you are comfortable skating Practice skating on one foot, stopping on one foot, turning with one foot, crossovers, jumping, tight turns and so on. By becoming comfortable with these types of movements it will build your confidence in other areas and make regular skating seem like a breeze.

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