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02-07-2010, 05:52 AM
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my take:

Marc Staal: lid over to the right side for the first time in the NHL to be matche dup against Parise, and Kovalchuk when either would be on the ice. nice game all around. most of kovy's chances were limited to when he got away from that pairing, and was up against girardi.

Dan Girardi: i've been critical of him lately, but the kid played a hell of a game. He had Parise or Kovalchuk, whichever happened to not be going head to head with Staal. Kovy had 3 nice chances against him (although one was due to a back-check breakdown). Danny was physical all game, and when he was matched against Parise, Parise didn't blow him out once. without having to fight through a girardi check.

Jokinen playmaking for Dubi, and Cally: take note, this is what a 2 way playmaking center looks like. not christensen, not dubi, not drury. Jokinen is a cagey vet, very comfortable with slowing the play down to wait for something to open up. his curls at the half boards are something we haven't seen at all since nylander. Devils looked completely ill-suited to deal with Dubi-Jok-Cally. Only way to shut them down from long periods of the puck in your own end is to out work them. and tonight, they were in no mood to be outworked.

Christensen pivoting for Gabby, Prospal: Really strong game from all three. NJD wound up getting their top defense up against them over and over, and yet they still were able to stretch out the d, and keep their line's tempo high. Christensen plays well between these guys, in a very organic sense. he does do to much, and he was finding the open man. He also had a hell of a game backchecking against the parise line.

Lundqvist: stellar. The defense played well in front of him, and gave him a view of almost everything tha came his way. when the team had a breakdown, lundy didn't.

DZ, Redden, Rosy, Gilroy: all played more physical than i've seen in awhile. DZ wound up on the ice during some PK's, and kept the low slot clear. Gilroy was very aggressive pinching, and didn't get burned for it. Rosy and Redden held the blue-line well, and both made some pretty decent outlet passes.

PP: excellent. great passing, creative, feet moving. everything to the net. the defense held the blueline well all game.

Prust: is a psychopath

Avery: much like our 4 game sweep of his Thrashers, Avery had Kovy rattled from the mid second period on. that guy just is way to hot headed to deal with Avery on the ice. we've seen many players learn how to block avery's shennanigans out, but Kovalchuk for whatever reason just can't do it.

Drury centering Prust and Boyle: outplayed NJD 3rd and 4th line almost every shift. all three worked hard, played smart, and kept their shifts short. can't remember the NJD ever getting them caught deep in their own zone and forcing icings.

PK: awesome. what else is new. NJD PP probably hasn't got on track yet, but they looked completely ineffective chance after chance.

Anisimov between Avery and Lisin: They skated well. AAdidn't seem to get going offensively, Lisin tends to look like rico fata, but avery was very active all game. AA created 2 nice turnovers in the neutral zone, but both were at the end of a shift, and so didn't turn into anything really. one nice play he made to slide the puck to lisin while he drove the net, but lisin pulled a rico, and lost the puck as he skated in.

Torts: great job breaking up staal and girardi and having staal slide over to the right side. all the line combos seemed perfect for the job that needed to be done. Putting the Jokinen line against the Parise line worked out much better than i would've imagined.

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