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02-07-2010, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Abooch68 View Post
Told him he wasn't a good broadcaster..simple as that, wasn't trashed..had a few beers..thats it...the end...don't like it sorry...
And what the hell where you hoping to accomplish by saying that to him? Did it make you feel like a tough guy? I'm sure you're an absolute all-star at your job though, right? That's just a stupid, classless thing to do...kudos for the other Ranger posters for calling out how idiotic that was.

I can understand why a lot of Rangers wouldn't like Chico. He's definitely a homer at times, but you can tell he's heard that feedback and at least tries to take a more non-biased view at times (to the point I think he overdoes it a bit). As far as defending goalies, I think he just tries to understand the factors that led to a goal because there are few goals where a goaltender has a perfect view of the shot and just gets beaten - he's usually just looking to see if there was a deflection or screen. None of that stuff really bothers me though - my biggest complaint with him is that sometimes he just misses the obvious. It's almost like he focusing too much on what he's saying instead of watching a replay & needs someone in the truck to point certain things out.

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