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09-25-2003, 05:46 AM
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Originally Posted by krmason
When I watched the game against toronto there were a few things that I noticed that were already different:

1) The sticks were more active. The players were able to break up more passes and stop the toronto players from having three good passes in a row. The Habs players were knocking down passes and were able to stop dangerous setups.

2) The zone defense. Last year, when the puck was in their zone, most of the time players would chase the puck. Now I see that one person is chasing the puck while the other players took their posts and were actually looking around for toronto players.

3) The Habs were much more aggressive in the offensive zone, actually digging for pucks.

4) The defense kept the front of the net more cleared than last year.

Granted, there were huge defensive lapses, like the first goal, and I think that is normal with a new system, but you can definitely see a sense of order being carried out. The shot totals are way down and they need to start scoring. For god sakes, even traverse body checked someone.

Though the players were a little humdrum, I personally like to think that they were concentrating on the new system and didn't want to get out of place.

We may have a so so year, but you can see the peices starting to fall into place and I, for one, am happy to see that.
Great observations, thanks for the keen eyes. Hopefully we are starting to see an actual system of organized play for the team. Things are looking up...

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