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02-07-2010, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
And that's all fine and good, but that's not greed...that's asking for equal pay for the job you're doing. In his two years with the Flyers, he was one of 5 goalies in the league to have consecutive .915 SVPCT. While I agree that he isn't the hottest thing since sliced bread, $4-5M isn't a ridiculous request for a guy expecting to be paid like a proven starting goalie.

I mean, at your job, do you request a lower salary than the guy doing the same job in another department/company?

Now, we couldn't afford that with Biron unless Holmgren was going to restructure this team's salary structure. Obviously he had no interest in doing that, and went for a bargain basement goalie instead. One of my biggest aggravations in the whole Biron/Emery/Someone else stuff has nothing to do with Emery over Biron, it's the belief that Biron's financial requests were ridiculous (look around the league, they were not if you look at what goalies make), and that Holmgren didn't really have other options (not saying you're advocating this). Holmgren owns the Emery decision. He signed him before July 1st, and then signed Boucher on the first day.

In retrospect, we could have done better with more patience. Not only would Biron's contract demands fallen considerably, but someone like Craig Anderson was someone I would have preferred to Emery if we were going to go that route.

The thing is, I really think Gm's dont care about the whole "top 5 in sv%". If people did, I think people would have been all over him during free agency. You can say "he played the market wrong". But for a, considered by some, "very good starting goalie, thats top 5 in sv%" teams would have been jumping all over for him. Instead though, the last place team picks him up as a backup goalie to Roloston. I think Biron is getting alittle overvalued here.

Personally... I think it would have been foolish if Homer went and traded one of our forwards, just to sign Biron to that contract. I think most of us would be *****ing about it all the time.

Would you sign him to that contract?

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