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01-18-2005, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by (lone)Yashinfan#79
i know there is a 'code' and all but i find it a little bit silly how some goalies react when screened or to inadvertant contact around the crease area; plus i've dealt with a couple who act like it is their birthright to shove a blocker in your face or chop you after receiving inadvertant stick contact to their 2 ft. thick leg pads.
i understand you need to protect your crease(s) but some of you are so puss about it...thankfully the refs in our league are onto the 2-3 hotheads who think they're above receiving a minor.
If I get run over unintentionally or catch a stick by accident usually I can let that go. In fact a lot of players will go out of their way to apologize. Hey it's a physical emotional game played at a fast pace and I get that. And I'm by no means above gettting caught up in it.

But there are players who deliberately fall on goalies, bump them on the way by, or even slew foot them on their way out of the zone. I've had guys butt-ending me the whole time they're screening me and I've had guys hacking my hands after I make saves or cover the puck. Sometimes even to a 3 count AFTER the whistle. And if refs are not going to call it, then I will do something about it. Do I expect to get a penalty? Every time. Does it draw the refs attention to a situation he's been missing? Every time. Usually after my penalty anyone on either team bothering the me or the other goalie find themselves in the box.

I have no problem with guys who screen. They know they will take a few shots and for the most part are OK with it. I have no problem with guys who drive the net for the puck. They're trying to score. I DO have a problem with the guys who ignore the puck and come after me. And those guys can expect a blocker under the chin every time and I will not apologize for it.

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