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02-07-2010, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Markov4Captain View Post
Good effort overall.

That second goal with 3 seconds left in the first period is what really turned the game in the Bruins favour IMO. I hope this team doesn't just lose all the momentum they've had these past few games, and continue on their "run". The Capitals are going to want to extend their win streak, but the Habs do play well when they're the underdog. I think JM starting Price would be a big risk. He wins, fans like him again, he loses....well,we all know what's going to happen. JM has already started Halak after a loss, so i dont think he'll do it again. If I'm Price, i prepare myself EXTREMELY well for the Caps game, because we all know, if he loses, his fault or not, people will jump on the Halak bandwagon for goood.
agree with you and I'm scared Price might start cuz nobody has stopped the caps...nobody. and yeah, people will hate him even more than they do. Halak should start. If you like Halak (which I do), you should be in favour of. I think everyone will be scared to throw their favourite goalie against Ovi and co. cuz that will count as a loss and as we know that's all that matters.

In terms of preparing, I think it's the guys in FRONT of whichever goalie who need to prepare. Maybe Darche can practice his timing. I'm praying Pouliot will be ready, although doesn't look like it.

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