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09-25-2003, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Fedz
7 - RJ Umberger
8 - Mikko Jokela
9 - Nathan Smith
10 - Rene Vydareny
11 - Brandon Reid

Reid behing all of them? you crazy...he actually played in the NHL before, in the playoffs, he has more potential than 3 out of 5 guys there, hes not very old, and hes the closest player in the canuck organization prospect wise to make the NHL!
1 - Ryan Kesler
2 - Tomas Mojzis
3 - Alex Auld
4 - Kirill Koltsov
5 - Tyler Bouck
6 - Jason King
7 - RJ Umberger
8 - Mikko Jokela
9 - Nathan Smith
10 - Rene Vydareny
11 - Brandon Reid

No, not crazy. Hey. I am a fan of Reid's, but I'm looking at our depth chart & I don't see an opening for Reid & the skills he brings to a team in the same way as I see potential openings, combined with talent levels, for the prospects I listed above him. I don't see Reid being an effective player unless he is on the top two scoring lines. I don't consider short call ups to see how he plays as making the NHL either. I think the Canucks will let Reid play on the Moose rather than have him sit in Vancouver & unfortunately for Reid, there are many more prospects than normal coming up behind him so he may be unfortunately passed by just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope I'm wrong, but I see King's or Umberger's scoring skills more interesting to the team than Reid's speed & playmaking skill. I see Kesler's, Bouck's & Smith's agressive, defensive play placing them ahead of Reid inorder to make the 3rd or 4th lines. Auld won't make the team this year, but he's still much more likely to be an NHL regular than Reid by the way he's playing & developing so far. Koltsev, as a defenseman, has the same potential & upside as Auld. Jokela is in my opinion NHL ready for a regular #6D possition right now & the skating & upside of Vydareny & Mozjis makes me drool. Reid has NHL level skill & he has NHL level speed, but his size & weight works against him if there is any bigger prospect around that the team is also keen on. Right now Reid is in a similar situatioin that Kariya was in. What he has to do is body build himself up to get to have similar weight & muscles like Ronning or Fleury have, combined with an exceptional year on the Moose. Small players can make the NHL provided they have the body & muscles not to be shoved off the puck, but they also have to prove it constantly.

As another poster commented, this number of good prospects who are not automaticly making the Canucks roster is a good sign as to how deep & balanced the Canucks are. Very similar to the Devils & their farm team's depth.

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