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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
right, and show me where this bears out in championships, standings, winning percentage or anything besides your head since the lockout?

Stanley Cup Finals since the lockout, the number in parenthesis is where they ranked in terms of fighting majors, IE, higher = more fights, lower = fewer fights...
Carolina (3) VS Edmonton (13)
Anaheim (30) VS Ottawa (12)
Detroit (1) VS Pittsburgh (21)
Pittsburgh (8) VS Detroit (1)

Only once in the past 4 years has a team in the top 5 in fighting been in the finals...the average rank in terms of fewest fights over the past 4 years? 11, basically the bottom 3rd.

Why? because goons dont get you goals, and it takes goals to win hockey games. Intimidation means absolutely nothing with the instigator rule in effect. An effective power play is far more important, as is hitting. Legal, physicality is a billion times more important than fighting. Fighting is almost entirely useless in this day and age, and is basically a staged event that allows 1 guy from each team to earn his paycheck by doing absolutely nothing to the flow of the game on most nights.

A middleweight who can hit and play is a billion times more important than a heavyweight who can knock your teeth out.
The problem with your argument is you are looking at the number of fighting majors. What you should be looking at is how many of those teams have legitimate stars and how many of them do have a guy that COULD kick major ass should it be necessary. The answer is most of them.

It's not how many times you have fights, it's having a guy that could beat some serious ass if you decide to be a hot shot. I'd love to have a guy like Boogard (who job it was to protect Gabby in MIN) or Godard (who protects Crosby, btw) that the other team knows will destroy you if you play all tough with our star players. Instead teams like the Flyers know they can pop a few punches on Gabby because they know there's no retribution.

Here is Carcillo's EXACT quote after fighting Gabby.

When asked by Landsberg if he thought some of the Rangers should have come to the star's aid, Carcillo admitted that somebody should have stepped in.

"Yes, but I don't know which one of his linemates would have really done much. [Brandon] Dubinsky, we've fought before, he could have jumped in."

If that quote doesn't say it all, then I don't know what to tell you.

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