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02-07-2010, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Sonny View Post
What do you want the guy to say? His response was typical and branded on the side with "Made with 100% recycled professional athlete ********."
It certainly wouldn't hurt to say something like "while the team is having success, I would also like to help contribute more to the team's success." Or maybe "it's frustrating and I'm upset that I'm not scoring, even though the team is playing well. Sometimes, it feels like I'm not pulling my weight around here even though I'm getting opportunities." Something that shows he even remotely cares. His statement is a very non chalant or laisse faire attitude like "oh well, things will happen when they do."

Originally Posted by Sonny View Post
He's also most definitely another guy who isn't getting paid to simply score. It absolutely is his primary job, but there's very few guys in this league getting paid that much money to simply put pucks in the net.
So, if he's not scoring, he's basically a 5 million dollar checker. Are you trying to say that the Flyers brass are saying "well Simon, it's ok you aren't scoring goals. As long as you're contributing defensively, that 5 million dollars a year you're making is money well spent"? If you're being paid anything over 4 million bucks a year, it's because your team is expecting you to be an integral part of the offense. Gagne's role in the offense is that of a goal scorer. He's not scoring goals and at 5 million bucks, that's a major problem.

Originally Posted by Sonny View Post
I don't like that he's not scoring, but to act like he doesn't care is to treat him like some new guy who A) doesn't know what's going on with him and B) hasn't been a Flyer his whole career and is completely aloof to the environment and expectations.
His words say it all. "It's not the first time I'm going through something like this." The fact that he's gone through something like this and he's learned nothing from it says it all about his competitiveness. "Maybe a dirty goal or a lucky goal will get the confidence going." Are you kidding me? Instead of talking about it, it's time to start doing it. However, it's hard to score a dirty goal when you're primarily a perimeter player.

He shrugs off his slump like it's nothing. This is a team that's fighting for it's playoff life and one of the "leaders" on the team has a "meh" reaction to his slump. I used to be one of the biggest Gagne supporters on here and always felt that Hitch threw him under a bus. However, with this type of attitude, maybe there was something that Hitch new about Gagne that others didn't know. Maybe Hitch sensed that Gagne just didn't care and if he didn't care, he wasn't going to be rewarded. After all, wasn't it both Clarke and Hitch who called out Gagne for his poor playoff performances?

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