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Originally Posted by Johan Santana View Post
I can stickhandle very fast/well while watching the puck or having the puck in the bottom corner of my eye while sort of looking up but as soon as the puck is out of my eyesight i immediately lose it. Any ideas how I can improve?

I am currently practicing on my floor with a golf ball (I heard golf balls make a good practice ball, is that true?)

Here's a drills for you to use. Place the puck on your stick and use your Peripheral Vision to keep the puck in front. Then , I want you to do simple skating circles in one direction only. Which means, you skate facing down ice always facing that direction and skate around a tire.

So one minute you are going up around the tire and at the top you pivot and skate backwards with the puck to the bottom of the tire. Keep going in one direction. Once you have this down, go in the other direction.

After you get this down, remove the tire. Always keep the puck in front of you. Feel the puck on the end of your the puck!

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