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09-25-2003, 07:46 AM
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A few franchises of note:

Chicago: Feel sorry for these guys as they are totally hamstrung by their idiot owner. Not just on budget, but the TV rights and ticket prices have led to declining revenues and an ever lower budget. The worst vicious cycle in the league. Yet they have held on to Daze, acquired Sullivan dumped Mironov among various astute moves they have made. It's bad but only partially the fault of the GM.

Calgary: rudderless since the dparture of Cliff Fletcher. GMs here, and there have been plenty in the last few years, always a bad sign, have made some mind-bogglingly dumb trades, offered ludicrous contracts (turek) and have treated fairly good coaches very badly. The search for the coach last season highlighted what a fiasco this has become. They had Lanny and Peplinski and some old stars selling tickets door-to-door for God's sake. Ye gods.

Rangers: absolute power corrupts absolutely. No matter who the GM here is, when they see that little white card it becomes this massive ego trip to win at every single bidding war out there. And Sathers ego was unnaturally healthy before he even got there. Now? It is something to behold.

Islanders: how many talented young players has Milbury dumped off for next to nothing? even after the financial handcuffs were removed? Luongo, Salo, Brewer to name a few. Gaffes like that should cost you your job.

Flyers: Clarke is worse than Milbury. Philadelphia has not had a reliable playoff goaltender since Ron Hextall. 15 years ago. He has pulled a few great trades to help up front, in fact he is a very good judge of talent in forwards. He seems incapable of recognizing his shortcomings evaluating defensemen or goaltenders however. And as bad as Milbury's trade of Luongo was, Clarkes trade for Oates 2 years ago was far worse.

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