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02-08-2010, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by EmDeeZee4MVP View Post
While I totally agree with you, you've just illustrated the point I've been making all this time. We are quick to dismiss Girardi's game because "Staal is better". Is Staal a better defenseman than Girardi? Absolutely. But that shouldn't diminish how solid of a defenseman Girardi is. He is our next best defenseman outside of Staal. Why is everyone so eager to trade this guy??? Is he making the whopping $ the guys around him are making? At $2-3m, he's a very good defensive asset.

Note to all anti-Girardi fans: You don't question Girardi's defensive game but want to get rid of him at $2-3m because of his lack of physicality? Here's my suggestion: lets bring back Darius Kasparaitis. That should solve your "Check first, play intelligent defense, second." problem you are having.

only because our other dmen are rookies and the others are redden and rozsival.

so because those of us who want to get rid of girardi because we are not satisifed with the way he plays, we are pathetic. signing girardi would be another step toward more mediocre play. at least we have hope in staals potential. wanting to get rid of a guy because he is at best average is not pathetic, its logical.

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