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Originally Posted by EmDeeZee4MVP View Post
No, criticizing a player who is consistent defensively, over his lack of physical play, is pathetic. Please, convince me how Staal is significantly better than Girardi. You argue that Girardi's game hasn't vastly improved thus far in his 4yr tenure with the Rangers? How has Staal's game progressed? How did the offensive experiment work out? We put Staal on this legendary/untouchable pedestal because of his last name. Is he more "reliable" defensively? Sure. But just because player a is better than player b, that doesn't mean we should dismiss the other player. That's all I'm saying.

He is the least of our problems. On a championship defensive roster, would Girardi be on the top pair? Probably not. But again, that shouldn't mean that he is defensively inept. That's the logic I am arguing.

I agree with you and everybody else that Staal is better and has more upside than Girardi. But outside of Staal, Girardi IS OUR BEST DEFENSEMAN. Why everyone is so quick to run him out of town, I don't understand. Its not like he has a Rozy/Redden type of contract.
i never said staal is significantly better than girardi. i said if i had to keep one it would be staal. staal himself needs to play better. and you keep staal over girardi because staal has the potential to be a shut down number 1 dman. and you said yourself girardi is not as good. girardi is only the 2nd best dman on this team because two are rookies and the other two should be playing in hartford. its not really a compliment to girardi, it just shows how bad/ inexpierenced our dmen are. and as far as the offense experiment goes, yes it failed and staal still has more points than girardi.

so is he defensively inempt, no not exactly but does he deserve a contract... imo no he doesn't. i'm not running him out of town but his time is up he doesn't impress me hes at best a 2nd pairing guy and we def need a tough dman and since everyone else is locked up and i choose staal over him hes out. if i'm not going to sign him, i trade him.

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