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02-08-2010, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Vito Andolini View Post
This team CHOOSES to build it's offensive through free agency. The Gaborik signing wasn't too bad (from a $ point of view) because his injury history caused him to take less than his talent warrants, but Kovalchuk won't come cheap. He's got no reason to come here, aside from money. You want him, you're going to have to pay big time for him.

What would that failure lead to? A high draft pick with an excellent chance of carrying the offensive load at a relatively cheap price for a good amount of seasons? Sign me up.

We haven't paid our dues on those bad 07 & 08 signings yet. Compounding their cap hits with more big cap hits does nothing to address the overall problems with this team.

There's a price to be paid here. Look at the lengths this team must go to open up the roster space to sign Kovalchuk. Then look at the rest of the roster. The team stinks even with Kovalchuk. He's not the difference maker here. We have holes on this team aside from another goal scorer. Especially when getting another goal scorer opens up more holes. For example, if getting Kovalchuk means Redden & Roszi have to go, then who fills their place? Are you comfortable with a team of 6 dmen under the age of 26? A team where Dan Girardi is the most physical players on the blue-line? A team where Eric Christensen is the number 1 center? Not me. I think that team still sucks.

Kovalchuk is not the answer to our problems.
So whats your suggestion? Play the kids and hope you either strike gold or they suck so bad you get a good pick that MIGHT net us a cheap/young talent?

Im more inclined to go with the sure thing, especially considering we already have an elite goaltender and another elite forward on board. Tanking is not an option. I'd rather integrate the kid into the lineup with no pressure whatsoever.

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