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02-08-2010, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Waddell asked the Blues for Oshie. He asked the Flyers for Giroux or JVR. He asked the Bruins for Krejci or Rask. Waddell wanted the Leafs #1 pick from Boston. Waddell wanted Wayne Simmonds and Jack Johnson from LA. Did he go back to those teams after they refused to fork over their best young players for a rental before making the trade?Did he lower his demands or did he just take the Jersey offer?Waddell went from not listening to offers to trading the player within a few weeks. Maybe if Waddell lowered his demands to those other teams,he would have gotten more than a #4/#5 defenseman,3rd line winger,a prospect suspended for the entire season and a late 1st round pick. He seemed very rushed and panicky.Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet reported early last week that Waddell was sitting on an offer for Kovalchuk and it turned out to be Jersey. Lou told Waddell this is the offer and if you don't make the trade now then the offer won't be available for very long.
Sounds like you are asssuming that if he asked for one package and didn't get what he asked for, then the other team did not counter. I can't believe that happened. You ask for a player get told no but then get told here's what we can offer. I agree, he did seem rushed and I agree he could have gotten a better deal if he waited until after the Olympics but I suspect his bosses told him to move the salary off the books sooner rather than later. The only way he has lasted this long is that he kisses up pretty good because his performance is simply not there. Remember, teams were calling him long before he started making calls.

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