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02-08-2010, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Chucky17 View Post
Don said we'd definitely be buyers. We have all kinds of cap money now. I saw Levenson nod his head in agreement.

If we do win 2 of 3 on this road trip, I think it will be interesting because it appears the chemistry is there. We could add a scorer, but then who do you get rid of? OH YA, Kozlov, I would guess.

Last night the players were soooo emotional. If we do win 2 of 3 out west, I'd be fine with what we have. But Kozzy really looked to be a page behind at times.

Most of the March games are at home. I think the biggest player will actually be the CROWDS! yes, us.

This team is full of kids now and they really fed off the fan suppport and got stronger as the game went on even after playing the night before and spending 10 hours in travel. Call me nuts, I know it's been just one game, but I think it's possible.
lets hope there too dumb and cocky to know there supposed to loose. How awesome would it be to get the 7 seed and knock NJ out in the first round. Thanks for swapping 2nd rounders. HAHA. Like i said before i live in my own world and its perfect.

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