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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
i have a bauer samsonov curve. i got it off a pro and he painted it black so its hard to tell exactly the model blade.

i dont think they make them anymore but i really like it and if it breaks i want to get another because i cant use my s15 sakics, i just dont like the feel

its a heel curve with a square toe. the one thing i dont like is the lie, im not sure of the lie but i want it to be a bit higher because i cant stick handle near my body because the entire blade doesnt touch the ice

there might not be an identical one but its important that its a square toe. ive briefly looked at the getzlaf and the jovanoski but i didnt really like them, maybe hte lidstrom curve?

i dont know im hoping someone has a good recommendation

thank you
Lidstrom and Getzlaf are the same pattern.

Im 99 percent sure that the Samsonov pattern was p02 for NikeBauer and now has the Kronwall name attached to it. It has a 7 lie as well.

If you don't like that, you can try the Wheeler pattern, p15. Its a similar set up also with a 7 lie.

You can see them if you go to the Bauer website and look at the MyBauer stick creator.

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