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09-25-2003, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson
What? Conspiracy? Are you kidding? If you're sure they're going to be stars then why not draft them earlier. They're not being held from anyone.

And why are you blaming the Flyers for the Pens trading Kovalev and Jagr for yesterday's trash? Maybe you should get the fans in that town to support the team so they can have the money to pay big name guys, and sign their prospects (Fleury).
Listen, my post was tongue-in-cheek. I was giving props to the Flyers, in a roundabout way by describing how much grief they give me. And at no point do I *blame* the Flyers for the Pens trading away Kovalev and Jagr, although if I wanted to, I probably could by pointing out some of the ridiculous contracts that Clark signed players to, which pushes up the market for top-tier players league-wide. But once again, I'm not blaming anyone but the NHL for what the Pens needed to do. I'm just pointing out the contrast in the paths the two clubs have taken.

And, by the way, if Philly was scaled down to the size and population of Pittsburgh, by guess is the only team you would have in town is the 76'ers and possibly the Eagles. Keep in mind that Philly salaries are higher than those in Pittsburgh as well, while ticket sales remain the same. Also, the surrounding metro region of Philly is, by my estimation, 4-5 times bigger than that of Pittsburgh. Do you sell more than 4-5 times the tickets as the Pens? Are your tickets 4-5 times as expensive?

The per capita citizen of Pittsburgh is as big a Pens fan as the per capita citizen of Philly is a Flyer's fan, if not more so. The Pens game broadcast on TV are among the top 5 teams in the league in terms of market share. The problem is people can't *afford* to go to games.

The Pens have a *very* devoted and loyal fan-base, but the economic slump is hitting Pittsburgh much harder than Philly right now. The city is in a dire economic crisis, as evidenced by 700+ recent layoffs of city employees. Businesses continue to leave the area. Yet, a lot of people still manage to shell out more than they probably should to go to the games. They also play in an antiquated arena, one that lacks the number of luxury boxes needed to field an expensive team, the support of the average fan aside. To pretend that the NHL isn't playing with a stacked deck is one thing, but don't ever suggest that the reason the Pens can't play "big names" is because we have bad fans.


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