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02-08-2010, 02:30 PM
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i think moving the lines around should be given a chance before we ship anybody out. ive said alot of this before but ill try again.

1 richards is at his best creating offense from defense and hes being asked now to create offense and dictate the play which isnt his strong suit. moving him back into a more defenisve role even if it means cutting his minutes would be a good idea.

2 gagne works best when theres someone to set him up he also benefits alot from screens hes been playing with neither for the whole year.

3 carters production is down i belive because hes the primary scoring on his line and guys know to watch him. briere is and always will be a pass first player and hartnells offensive ability is complimentary.

4 were a small team yet instead of concentrating on alot of the speed and puckhandling ability we have theyve instead tried to muscle the puck around and use that speed to compliment players with grit.

5 skill for positions. aside from having a grand total of 1 power forward (whos really more of an instigator) weve had our two best playmakers in briere and giroux at the wing and our best shutdown center in richards on the first line. if the pieces arent fitting you have to try and move them where they fit best rather than keep trying to jame them into place.

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